SPS — Manifatture
SPS Manifatture
Exclusive services
for haute couture
and pret-a-porter



Sps Manifatture
SPS is a service that has been working in the fashion system for more than 20 years, a craftmanship tradition handed down from grandmother and mother of Sabrina Paola Seclì, founder and CEO.
The 2,500-square-metre facility brings together the cutting room, the sewing and tailoring rooms, Atelier, the quality control department, the ironing and the packaging area, two warehouses for raw materials and finished products.
The facility, employs 60 people including the pattern maker department, which has its own 8 pattern makers.
It also relies on the collaboration of 38 external facilities in the province of Lecce, for a total of about 600 units, managed by expert technicians.
SPS stands as research laboratory for patterns developments, materials and processing, as well as a provider of pattern-making services, prototyping services, sampling and women's ready to wear productions, couture collections on mannequins using the moulage technique, red carpet and bridal gowns, beachwear, off-water and home-line collections.

SPS specialises in lightweight fabrics and also produces double face fabric and lined outerwear.
SPS uses Lectra system for pattern works, and latest generation machines for embroideries, à jour Machines, amf, ascolite, pleating maschines.